Me learning the hard way that promises does not work



As I have grown as a person it has become obvious that making promises is not a good idea. Learning that the future may hold unexpected events, demanding my attention and make my promises fall to the ground. Discovering that my perception of time available may  mislead me into thinking that I can do more that what is  actually possible. Experiencing firsthand that will-power is not infinite and prioritizing is the only option available.

I am writing this because of promises I have made to people all around me, and many fellow bloggers here. It was not a deliberate attempt to let anyone down, simply a lack of insight.  I am going to start with a clean and fresh start. Blogging with no promises.

I feel awful about all the promises I did make. Giving false hope  to be reading and following your blog, to read your book, leaving likes and comments only to later disappear. Those days are over. Please forgive me. From now on I will probably not do anything more than share my work. Always aiming to stay truthful. Thank you for blessing me with your presence.

Love, Isabella