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      1. The first principle is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool” ~Richard Feynman. He is one of the greatest physicists Ever.


      2. I do believe scientific method and third party peer review could work with religion, but religion has the “infallible ” word of god. Most Christians here don’t scrutinize because of “belief”


      3. This is an example of finding truth by thorough investigation of fact. Of course we could be wrong in some conclusions, but if you want to know what makes an atheist tick, it is the methodical quest for fact, which brings us to the conclusions we have. It eliminates unprovable mythical creatures. Not a belief in something that has no fact, a lot of historical faux pas and each principle of “belief” has to have a long ambiguous apologetic reasoning attached to it to convince the reader.


  1. Exactly. When I left religion behind it’s because I looked outside. I believed the Bible because it was customary to do so. 50 years later religion had no real substance. Only talk. Only false promises. Stories that built my faith that turned out to be total fabrication. Emotion hailed as “the spirit” talking to me. It was all not what it seemed. I was duped and fooled. That’s what a group can do with an infallible book that is filled with immorality on humanity and historical fiction. What is in there to believe?


    1. Dear Jim. You have a Mormon background perhaps. Not a very uplifting experience with faith I take it anyway. You are making a lot of assumptions regarding me and my faith. Even though you really have no idea. That could pretty much be proven. If I had the same attitude towards you and non-believers I would never have asked for arguments against faith. I know there is more to a group of people then just their common traits. I am quite familiar with you go to arguments. Some people in my family are atheist. I love them, and do not judge them. I have noticed that some of you are very intense and have overwhelming convictions. Which makes me think about the qualitative researcher Brenè Brown who studies vulnerability and shame. She found that certainty and fear go together. The more afraid we are the more certain we become. That eventually turns into “I am right, you are wrong. Shut up!” Then, you can play your favorite card on me. My fear of death, but how could you even say that. Not even knowing me. If I was so afraid to have my God taken away from me, why would I be here? I would have preferred to stay in my little bubble. I am not part of a group. What is there to believe? Love.


      1. Sorry if I implied anything at all. I really don’t mean to come across as knowing any “go to”arguments as I have never read any atheist books. I came to my own conclusions in my own way for my own reasons. The things I am telling you are my own conclusions as far as I know. Nothing is pointed at you specifically as I was making a point how I feel. My writing comes across with a little passion and I miss some things. You seem a delightful inquisitive person that wanted to know what makes me who I am. I can’t really speak for the other guys. They have their reasons. Whatever I say is in the spirit of learning and good friendship. Hope that helps a little. Btw I have never been a fearful person, and have muck less than I have ever had right now. Interesting point though.

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      2. No worries Jim. “In the spirit of good friendship” I like that. Thank you for your compliments, I am grateful that you think so. It is true that I want to learn how you think and your arguments. Have a great day:-) Love, Isabella


      3. I just wanted to add. I already know my own theories and thought processes. What I want to learn is what I do not know. Have you heard “The problem is not what you do not know, but what you know for sure that just is not so”.


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