Sorrow meets joy


The story of uncountable blessings

Once there was a girl, you can call her Joy, though her eyes were carved by sorrow. Pale like a ghost and haunted by loneliness. Gazing at the sky out a tiny window. Just like the universe her perception was expanding. Leaving behind empty space and time.

For now she was …

Content rejoicing with the sparrows. Not showing off impressive colors. Being more than their feathers sparrows were precious.

“If their humming hearts only knew they would be safe in my hands. Tiny black button eyes twinkling at me, delicate being surrounded by my hands.” A thought of pure Joy.

Flying with the birds was more than a dream. Echoes of freedom were bestowed upon them and their precious wings.

In her mind’s eye …

Joy joined them and the clouds as they shaped their way across the horizon. A child’s drawing on a limited piece of paper, the blue sky was just a band across her view. Clouds formed shapes of familiar things those eyes could find and that soul could breathe.

A breath just like the rhythm of gentle waves across the sea. A deeper secret was softly whispered to her by the wind. Words of richness filled her ghostly body with pure life. We are unique clouds passing through time never ever to contain today’s proportions or shape again. Life on earth every second renewing itself. Never to be exactly the same. So behold the moment, and know that in God you are eternal.

She was poor, but rich in words. Lonely, but accompanied by uncountable blessings.

Authors I need a little advice<3


At the moment I am working on a book. I have no intentions of making money on it, or becoming a well-known author. Writing is just something I do because I have to. I would not be whole if not. However, when I publish this book it would be wonderful if people greatly enjoyed reading it. It is the main point really. My plan is to publish it online for free. The point of telling you this is to ask you for advice regarding editing/proof-reading. Do you have any recommendations? Maybe there is a computer program that could do part of the job? I already use and this is of great help. English is my second language, something that increases the likelihood of mistakes. In the end the work need to be top notch. One last question, what portal would be the best way to publish do you think? Currently, using for my poetry books, but perhaps there is a better way to reach an audience. Thank you for reading. Also, responding if you do.

If you are curious about my work:

Love, Isabella